Free education for our youth at all educational levels within the UAE and abroad.

More than 3 national programs & curricula to reinforce the positive values, morals & ethics of our youth.

A program to prepare our youth for serving their nation.

Advanced & specialized labs to nurture and meet the aspirations of our youth.

Free health services for our youth and their families, within the UAE & abroad.

University programs ranked among the top 30 globally.

Youth Circles for sustainable and continuous engagement with our youth.

More than 34 incubators to aid our youth with their businesses.

A National Youth Agenda supported & implemented in collaboration with over 70 entities.

Youth councils engaged in the UAE cabinet, ministries & corporations locally & globally.

A Youth Engagement Policy to reach our youth worldwide.

More than 20 initiatives led by Emirati youth to serve the Arab World.

More than 160 national initiatives serving our youth in all fields.

Land, housing & marriage funds to ensure our youth lead stable lives.

More than 15 leadership programs to build our next generation of young leaders.

More than 40 awards to foster youth's competitive spirit.

A young minister & her team achieving greater heights for our youth.

A young minister & her team achieving greater heights for our youth.

More than 750 educational institutions serving our youth.

.... & hundreds of other initiatives to empower our youth.